Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th Anniversary

If you ask the average person to name a famous American architect, the answer would most certainly be – Frank Lloyd Wright. An American icon, Wright shaped and inspired modern architecture like no one else. This year marks the 150th anniversary of Wright’s birth on June 8th, 1867, and there are events and tours planned throughout 2017 to celebrate his life and work.

Wright left a deep imprint on the Chicago architectural landscape in particular with “Prairie style” houses that broke the mold of the typical straight-sided, boxlike structures. Wright’s work features a long, low, and open plan structure with spacious family living areas that flow together in an uninterrupted space. In honor of this milestone year, I’ve shared some pictures from my tour of his Oak Park, IL home and studio and some nearby homes designed by him.

DSC_4806.jpgDSC_4813.jpg10014876_10152085878755963_158071608_o.jpgDSC_4764 copy.jpgDSC_4817 copy.jpgDSC_4831 copy.jpgDSC_4824.jpg


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